Palos Verdes Estates Police Department Provides More Service Than LASD Proposal

**Originally Posted MONDAY, 02 APRIL 2018

The PVPOA has been repeatedly contacted and questioned about an inaccurate piece of information that had been broadcast by various entities. The misinformation states that the LASD would offer “a 50% increase in patrol service hours over current PVEPD deployment.” Not only has this statement been found to be inaccurate, factual and accurate information actually indicates that the PVEPD actually provides 9% MORE patrol service that the LASD.

The LASD has NOT provided PVE City leadership with a contract quote at any price. As such, statements regarding how much the City could save by switching to the County Sheriffs are not accurate and not based on any concrete contract proposal. The office of the LASD merely provided a “staffing proposal for initial cost considerations” and not a “formal submission of a Phase I staffing study.” Staffing considerations based on incorrect PVEPD deployment is not a Phase I staffing study, which has not ever been conducted or endorsed by City Councilmembers, let alone yield an accurate quote on LASD cost.

The referenced LASD quote of $3.4 million for 50% more coverage is competently inaccurate. When they provided that quote, the LASD erroneously based that information on PVEPD fielding only two officers in all of their cost estimates. The independent McCrary Police Study represented a more accurate picture of the deployment by reporting 3 PVPED officers as a minimum field deployment. Actual PVEPD budget and patrol modules deploy four units patrolling PVE exclusively. This refuted the claim of 50% more service as current PVEPD field deployment is more than what LASD claimed and based a cost estimate. PVEPD also staffs 2-3 detectives working every weekday that also respond to calls to assist patrol. When factoring in reserves, PVEPD essentially deploys a free "40 hour deputy" (as LASD calls it) that they would charge PVE an additional $283,507. Reference the red page number 71 here.

In an effort to provide the correct information to the residents in the community of Palos Verdes Estates, this information was corrected and made available to the general public. Not only does PVEPD provide more exemplary service to their community, they provide 9% patrol service!